Katherine Euphemia Farrer, 1839-1931
North Lodge in St Leonards on sea gateway to 'Burton's St Leonards' 1873
Calotype photographic Print
6 x 9.50 cm.


North Lodge spans Upper Maze Hill and was originally built as a tollgate at the Northern entrance to St Leonards. Built by James Burton in 1830 to a mock Gothic castellated style. A toll road ran from here and joined up with the main London to Hastings Road.

North Lodge became the family home to Jane Wood, James Burton’s daughter, and a later resident was Henry Rider Haggard who wrote King Solomon’s Mines amongst other well known works.

The North Lodge, designed by James Burton 1830. Sir Henry Rider Haggard, author of 'King Solomon's Mines', 'She', and other fine novels - lived here from 1918 to 1923.

The archway became damaged by a large vehicle in 2002 and following its repair has remained closed to vehicles since.