Eugen Rosenfeld, 1870 - 1940
Portrait of a German Aerobatic Champion Wilhem Stör 1893-1977
German Aerobatic Champion Wilhem Stör

signed lower left " Eugn Rosnfild and inscribed Flug Kaptain Wilhelm Stör "

oil on canvas
144 x 107 cm. (56.3/4 x 42.1/4in.)


Wilhelm “Willy” Stör was born in Witten, Germany on October 5, 1893. Durining WWI he was credited with 5 victories thereby making him an Ace. Throughout the 1930’s he competed as a stunt pilot at national and international aerobatic competitions. During WWII he delivered two M.E.109s to Kawasaki in Japan. He died in Augsburg in 1977. In the offered lot he is shown with his plane in the background, most likely at one of many competitions in which he took first place.

In the interwar period, he became aerobatic pilot, rivaling the best German of that time (Udet, Achgelis, Hagenburg ...), especially flying his Messerschmitt M-35b white and blue. As the Chief Pilot at Messerschmitt,  He gave the necessary information for Rudolph Hess for his flight to Scotland in 1941.


Artist biography

Rosenfeld studied from 1894 at the Munich Academy under Karl Raupp .  In addition to landscapes in oil, often enriched with oriental motifs and book illustrations in the Art Nouveau  , he drew numerous portraits in chalk, pencil or red ocher, the most famous among them is a portrait drawing Munich comedian Karl Valentin .

  • Portrait of the German aerialists Wilhelm Stöhr. Around 1933 
  • Hunting party in oriental costumes oil painting, 1893, 
  • Rider at the crossroads, oil painting, 
  • Camel Rider with butterfly wings, watercolor pencil, 
  • Grazing cows in the Dachau Moor
Book illustrations
  • Paula von Coudenhove: The gods dogs: in old idle tales retold. Buchschmuck Eugen Rosenfeld. Stuttgart 1904th