N Shieler, 19th Century
Portrait Miniature of Lady Jane Erskine 1818-1846
Lady Jane Erskine
1st April 1830
watercolour on ivory
9 x 7.5 cm. (3.3/4 x 3in.)


Jane was born in 1818 in London. She was one of seven daughters of David Montagu, Baron of Erskine, all of which were famous for their beauty. The Baron was a British envoy in Munich.Jane married in 1837 Henry James Callander, Esquire of Craig Forth. She moved with him to Scotland. Lady Jane died 1846. Her portrait was part of the "Beauties collection". The collection 38 female portraits from different levels and nationalities were painted for King Ludwig I of Bavaria after life painted by the court painter Joseph Stieler.