M. L. P, 19th Century
Salt Hill House, Chichester August 1882

inscribed and dated in the margin "Salt Hill House, Chichester August 1882"

pencil and watercolour
17.50 x 25 cm.


In the 19th century, Fishbourne was still essentially a farming community. To the north of Old Fishbourne Salthill Park, around Salthill House, was the dominant estate. While fortunes had increased during the Napoleonic wars from an increased demand for grain, after the war ended there was a recession and competition for grain from abroad. Few new buildings were put up in the 19th century, with the exception of Salthill House (early 19th century) and Florence Villa (1870). John Newland is, first mentioned as owner of Salthill House in 1804 (Land Tax Assess- ments of New Fishbourne).